Choirs in the Barn

Zêzerearts Choral On Tour March 2016

We ran an immersive day of choral workshops and repertoire preparation with Brian MacKay and the Zêzerearts team, culminating in a concert supper

12 March 2016 @ Yoghurt Rooms

This was a rare opportunity to take part in a day-long UK-based Zêzerearts Choral workshop with all the usual hallmarks of a Zêzerearts production: great choral music in a convivial atmosphere, the chance to make new friends and connections while visiting wonderful places and enjoying the highest standards of music making.

Under the leadership of fantastic musical directors, we sang music we all know and love along with some less familiar choral gems, presenting a whirlwind tour of the choral canon in the evening to a combined audience of our friends and local concert goers. The concert was be followed by a locally-sourced, organic supper.

About Zêzerearts

Zêzere Festival of the Arts takes place annually in Tomar, Portugal. Singers, musicians, dancers and their directors live and rehearse in the deeply atmospheric and historically significant structures which form the Convento de Cristo, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The singing-related aspects of the festival provide performance and development opportunities covering the opera, song and choral disciplines. Performances take place across the Zêzere river region enhancing cultural life for of the communities in the region.

The festival provides opportunities for audiences singers of all levels to come together to experience making music in some of the most breathtaking settings in Europe. All of rehearsals are carried out in English, and there is a strong contingent of regular attendees from Portugal, the UK and Ireland who have forged great friendships down the years, and make a beautiful sound together.


Brian was joined in the UK by his team of regular collaborators: The visiting artists

This event was supported by

Our supporters

Enormous thank yous to our supporters and collaborators – individuals and organisations – who got on board to make the day really special for everyone.

YourAccompanist make high quality affordable, piano accompaniment tracks for classical singers, choirs and teachers.

They are loaning us not one but two pianos for the event, and sending lots of amazing singers in our direction.







The YoghurtRooms barn has been made available to us at relatively short notice and it comes with a gang of willing helpers.

We are enormously grateful to Dirk, Joke, Tijs, Aafke and the whole team for their support in making this event happen.






The Busses Farm team are also the folks behind Busses Beef: pure grass-fed 100% organic beef raised right on the farm, a feature of our farmhouse buffet.

The amazing team of farm hands will be helping out during the event to make sure that our parking runs smoothly and that the barn is warm and welcoming.




yoghurt-studiosSome us will be rehearsing in the spaces occupied by Busses farm’s Yoghurt Studios, where musicians of all genres come to rehearse and record.

Under the management of John MacKinnon the studio is flourishing, providing high quality recording facilities, including a custom built voice booth, lots of instruments, an immense mixing set up and a choice of ambiances.

John and the studio team will be supporting this event with their technical expertise, as well as allowing us the use of their spaces.


vocalzoneVocalzone is a unique blend of natural ingredients (menthol, peppermint oil, liquorice extract and myrrh) that have a soothing effect on the vocal cords.

The lovely people at Vocalzone are sending along some of their fantastic pastilles to feature in our singer gift bags.